WLACE River Ecosystem

WLACE River Ecosystem

Friday, March 28, 2014


Our Chinook Salmon are about 3 inches in length. Their black and grayish stripes are blending in nicely with their environment. Theses Chinook Salmon are very active reminding me of how a 3 or 4 year old behaves. The water in the tank has gone up by one degree reading at 54 degrees. The water in the tank is very clean due to our weekly cleanings. Its been fun watching our salmon grow and development. Our anticipated release date is May 31st.  As the days go by I see more and more students getting involved with this Salmon in the Classroom project.  The food size has increased to 1.5 mm fish pellets. The fish are fed over three times a day now and the fish are roughly 3.0 inches in length. The fish pellets smell like fish and steamed greens.

Written By Jacob Hayt

Tuesday, March 11, 2014

SIC 3/10/2014

Our Chinook King Salmon are doing great. They’ve grown a lot since the last time I posted about them.
They’re getting their Camouflage AKA their stripes that will help them when they are  in the wild. We also moved their food to the next size of pellets. The temperature of the tank is right around normal at 53 Degrees.
We are still at 155 Chinook King Salmon, we haven’t had any losses. The water was cleaned today and looks very clean and clear. They’re still in swim up fry stage and looking to be very active. That’s all until next week. Thanks for checking up with our Chinook King Salmon.

                                                   Jacob Hayt 

Monday, February 24, 2014

Salmon In the Classroom 2/24/2014

The water in the salmon tank is very clear today. The weekly cleanings have been working well to keep the tank nice and clean.  Our salmon are in the swim up fry stage. The salmon look healthy and they seem to be staying very active.  They are about an inch long now.  The temperature of the tank is 50 degrees which is right where we want it. I estimate we have about a 155 Chinook King Salmon. I will keep up with the updates and hopefully everyone reading this is as excited to learn about the salmon in the classroom as I am to be writing about it. Enjoy reading about our growing salmon.

Jacob Hayt