WLACE River Ecosystem

WLACE River Ecosystem

Tuesday, January 25, 2011

1/25/2011 Update

The last time we talked about the salmon the water had perfect temperature and everything else was pretty good too. Now they are getting bigger and most of them are all pretty close to buttoning up. Buttoning up is when their yolk sacs disappear. Then they migrate to the middle of the tank, then once all of their yolk sacs are gone then we can start feeding them fish food!
Update –
We just now saw them swimming at the top of the tank. So we put a pinch of some fish food in there for the ones at the top. Watching them is very exciting!

Wednesday, January 5, 2011

My babies have grown: A mother’s intuition

The salmon tank has amazingly clear water. I did all  of the tests and they came up as everything was normal, except the ammonia. The ammonia is off a little because the salmon are starting to produce waste, which means they are going to the bathroom.
The salmon are starting to swim but not very much yet. They mostly lay in the gravel. They still have their yolk sac, the yolk sac is food for them, it also gives them nutrients and it helps them grow. This means they are in stage two of development.
They look so cute…and pretty soon we’re going to be able to feed them.
WLACE Student: Alyssa Hanusasky

Alevin Stage