WLACE River Ecosystem

WLACE River Ecosystem

Monday, December 13, 2010

Stage # 2: Alevins

The alevins are mixed in with the eggs that have not hatched. 

Stage # 2: Salmon Alevins

The alevins hatch from within the salmon eggs.  As the salmon grow and develop space becomes very limited.  Wiggling motion within the egg causes the protective layer to rip and the alevin pushes out.  Alevin will continue to grow and develop within the gravel.  Attached to their stomach is a yolk sac.  The yolk sac will provide the nutrients for 24-30 days.  During this time period the alevins will continue to grow and develop.    

Friday, December 3, 2010

Motherly Instincts Update

Thursday 12-2-10
In the tank I see that the water is very clean and all the tests are right where they should be. 
·       The temperature is 44° F
·       The ph balance is 7.6 , where it should be
·       Nitrate is 0 ppm ,good
·       Nitrite is 0 ppm , good
·       Ammonia is 0.25 ppm , good
·       The dissolved oxygen is 4 ppm , good
·       Phosphate is 2 ppm good
·       And the high range test is perfect too with a 8.2
WLACE Alyssa Hanusosky
The eggs looked normal except for a few that had white gooey stuff forming around the egg. The white gooey stuff could  illustrate infection within the egg.