WLACE River Ecosystem

WLACE River Ecosystem

Friday, December 3, 2010

Motherly Instincts Update

Thursday 12-2-10
In the tank I see that the water is very clean and all the tests are right where they should be. 
·       The temperature is 44° F
·       The ph balance is 7.6 , where it should be
·       Nitrate is 0 ppm ,good
·       Nitrite is 0 ppm , good
·       Ammonia is 0.25 ppm , good
·       The dissolved oxygen is 4 ppm , good
·       Phosphate is 2 ppm good
·       And the high range test is perfect too with a 8.2
WLACE Alyssa Hanusosky
The eggs looked normal except for a few that had white gooey stuff forming around the egg. The white gooey stuff could  illustrate infection within the egg.

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