WLACE River Ecosystem

WLACE River Ecosystem

Wednesday, January 11, 2012

WLACE Salmon in the Classroom 2012

Salmon Fry
The overall quality of the water is very clear and clean with no bacteria. The temperature of the water is 50 degrees, and the pH level of the water is about 7.4 and that is in the neutral range of the pH scale. Physical features of the Salmon are that they are about an inch and a quarter long. They are a green color on the top half with stripes and sliver on the bottom half. Most of the Salmon eat the food when it is sub-surfaced, and the others eat the food when the food is at the bottom of the tank. The salmon that eat off the top are more developed than the ones who eat off the bottom of the tank. The current size of the fish food is like coffee grounds. We started off with 300 fish eggs in the tank, and now there are about 150 salmon left. A lot of the fish are swimming upside down and sideways. There’s also a Siamese twin salmon in a small net in the tank.
Written by Megan Anderson and Ben Greene WLACE Students
Megan and Ben WLACE SIC 2012

1st WLACE Siamese Salmon Fry! 
WLACE Siamese Fry!


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