WLACE River Ecosystem

WLACE River Ecosystem

Tuesday, March 11, 2014

SIC 3/10/2014

Our Chinook King Salmon are doing great. They’ve grown a lot since the last time I posted about them.
They’re getting their Camouflage AKA their stripes that will help them when they are  in the wild. We also moved their food to the next size of pellets. The temperature of the tank is right around normal at 53 Degrees.
We are still at 155 Chinook King Salmon, we haven’t had any losses. The water was cleaned today and looks very clean and clear. They’re still in swim up fry stage and looking to be very active. That’s all until next week. Thanks for checking up with our Chinook King Salmon.

                                                   Jacob Hayt 

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